Sunday, 5 February 2012


(Sportsgirl shirt, Pigeonhole belt, Vintage Woolworths pants, Jeffery Campbell shoes, eBay claw cuff)

I came across these pants on one of my days dedicated to op shopping; they're high waisted and elasticated and I immediately fell in love with how easy they are to wear with the added benefit of extreme comfort. Plus they fit in perfectly with the colourful preppy pant trend seen released by the likes of Stella McCartney, Lisa Ho and Dion Lee. Or you could follow my lead and keep your eyes peeled during your next op shop visit! I may just keep collecting until I have the whole rainbow.. As for the claw cuff, $6.00 from eBay (aka China) but its surprisingly good quality and really heavy. A very nice surprise when it arrived, plus it mimics the Pamela Love talon cuff enough for me to never want to take it off. 

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