Monday, 30 January 2012


On my way to a meeting last week (during a very unseasonal windy downpour) I was speeding down Shafto lane in Perth city (umbrella-less) and I had to stop and look at the beautiful front window of cute little boutique Pigeonhole, regardless of the rain. I was so drawn to the amazing little orange flowers because I have the exact same ones in my house! It took a while to get around to it but I finally found the time today to head back and have a decent look inside. I emerged two hours later, $500 lighter and extremely content with my new purchases. We were assisted by the lovely Sara and the help and advice could not have been better! Check out the Pigeonhole website here for locations plus their webstore (but we definitely recommend making the effort to head in!) and have a look at their blog here. Amazing!

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